Thursday, September 24, 2015

So...this isn't really a blog.

This is mainly a place where you can access the resources I talk about in my book, The Sabbath Experiment: Spiritual Formation for Living in a Nonstop World. But I'd love to hear your thoughts if you want to respond here to what you might be thinking in light of the book!

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  1. Hi Rob!
    So I'm guest preaching at my church in 2 weeks, and I couldn't help but talk about rest and Sabbath- the primary themes of my seminary senior these, of which you may remember and you had much influence! Sabbath saved my soul in seminary.
    So I was trying to avoid digging through my dusty seminary binder for your "Guidelines for the Sabbath Experiment," when I decided to just google "Sabbath Muthiah", which led me to your new book and this page! I'm so pleased to find these and order your book, also because now that we have our first child, I want to start doing the liturgy as a family.

    Blessing and thanks!

    Owen Reinhardt
    Student 2009-2012
    Hospice Chaplain
    Sacramento, CA